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Jonathan Dolese is a fast-rising prodigy.


Growing up in New Orleans, LA, he started out producing artists while in school and as he started to work with artists all over the US, he soon realized it was going to be his career.


Recently relocated to Nashville, TN, his recent work includes the critically acclaimed new music from Cane Hill and the soon-to-be-released latest from For The Fallen Dreams.


A huge fan of metal genres, his strong work ethic, punching production, and fantastic songwriting ability is seeing him quickly carve his place as the go-to producer for bands in the metal world.

"From pop-punk to progressive metalcore, my goal is to help incredible songs shine with insane mixes and to help develop bands into career-building machines," says Dolese. "The process is simple: write great songs, my job is to make them better, then we will get you with the team you need to get where you need to go."

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